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Scott Marr

On Sept. 12, 2012 my husband Scott had a terrible accident, rolling a water truck down a mountain side from a remote logging road. Scott suffered multiple fractures and lacerations as a result. Dr Cross was the Surgeon on call and took Scott into surgery to fix his arm as soon as his condition stabilized.
It's been two weeks since Scott's arm was repaired and Dr Cross is confident it is healing perfectly. The office visit was a nice change of pace. The staff is friendly and the environment peaceful and relaxing. Dr Cross took all the time necessary to answer questions and we wanted to share this positive experience with anyone considering this Doctor for future needs. Compared to other Surgeons in this area, Dr Cross outshines them all!

Roger Guggenheimer

Doctor Cross did a partial knee replacement for me summer of 2008. I had to work really hard during my recovery period, but it paid off. This picture was taken this past August 2011, at McCloud Reservoir. In addition to slolom waterskiing, I can snowboard (no more jumping),SCUBA dive, bike unlimited amounts of miles, workout at spin classes, and one of my favorite things,is the eliptical machine. Apparently these non shock exercises have been the magic bullet. Although not 100% perfect, it's darn close, and I rarely feel any discomfort. I have Doctor Cross and his staff to thank for giving me my life back! Remember that in order to reach these levels, you must stick with it, being responsible and dedicated to your own self improvement.


I have had both hips replaced, one in 1992 and the second in 1994. Due to a fracture of the left hip in 2000 there have been additional problems which have been well treated. I have always been well treated by Dr. Cross and his entire staff they have all been courteous and helpful every time I have gone to the office, even to see him when it probably wasn't entirely necessary. My husband who has also been treated by Dr. Cross, and I almost feel like family when we are in the office. We would both recommend Dr. Cross to anyone we happen to know who requires orthopedic treatment.

Carol Combs Parker

Resection Arthroplasty Thumb - Dr. Richard Cross and his staff were very professional as well as caring, friendly and very helpful. This was my 4th surgery performed by Dr. Cross. Two carpal tunnel surgeries in 1992, an ankle surgery and now my thumb surgery. When I had a problem with swelling, they got me right in and adjusted the splint. My surgery was on the 16th of August, the cast was off the 19th of September. I've had very little pain and have been working with a physical therapist. My thumb feels better than it has in years and I have no limitations with it. Dr. Cross did an axcellent job and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Cross!

Jim Sinyard

This knee replacement surgery went very well for me. I have experienced very little pain. I haven't taken any pain medication other than over the counter non aspitin on few occasions. Dr. Cross's staff have been very friendly and professional in caring for me. My recovery is going very well. Knowing my limits has been very helpful. It is obvious to me that Dr. Cross is a very skilled and experienced surgeon. I will always refer others to him.

Allen Wyant

In regards to my knee replacement, I had not one but both knees replaced. My first surgery was in August 3, 2005 and my second was November 15, 2005. As for my first surgery I am totally pain free and am 100% satisfied with the results. As for my second knee surgery, it has only been 8 weeks. I am very confident the results will be the same, with my exercise program. Dr. Cross consulted with me before the surgery and between his assistant and himself explained everything I had questions about and showed me the replacement. I felt very comfortable and confident prior to going to surgery. After surgery both Dr. Cross and his assistant were there in the follow up taking great care in everything I need. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Cross for any surgery that might be needed in the future and have referred him to some of my friends who are having knee problems. Dr. Cross and his staff were wonderful and made me feel very important to them. I appreciated that very much.

Idamae Seegert

Rotator Cuff Tear surgery - Had very little pain in my shoulder most of my pain was in the miscle, was told that was normal. Had about 16 weeks of physical therapy to streghten my shoulder. Don't know whether mu surgery is that way for everyone. Would not hestitate to tell others to have it done by Dr. Cross.


My shoulder works very well, I had a total shoulder. It isn't as good as a natural shoulder but it works very well and I very seldom feel any different. It works and does not hurt all of the time like it did before the operation by Dr. Cross. I would do it again with no hesitation. I am 83 years old today.


Open Distal Clavicle Resection and stabilization. Shoulder seems to be doing fine. Enjoyed the professional treatment and information given about the procedure. Some pain in receovery but not too bad. Do what the doctor says during recovery time.


I had a total hip surgery. Both Dr. Cross and physician's assistant arrived very soon after I woke up from surgery. Eased my anxieties with words like "Textbook Perfect" when referring to my surgery. I was standing and bearing weight on same day as surgery. Second day walked with walker and physical therapy walked in hallway. Third day walked much further, to nurse's station. Released to home. Started physical therapy, did exercises to strengthen muscles and walked on my block every day. After three months, I could walk using a cane. After four months, I didn't need the cane. One year after surgery, I can walk fast for long periods of time, shop with less fatigue and occasionally I even dance again *My Secret Joy". This is a long way from limping along behind the group. My thanks and gratitude to Dr. Cross and his great staff. 09/29/05


Had rotator cuff tears in BOTH shoulders. Dr. Cross repaired the "worst" one first. From day one, he has explained everything thouroughly and offered options condusive to my outdoor lifestyle- fishing and hunting. I've been following his instructions and am healing up months sooner than anticipated! Although still in the "recovery" phase, the shoulder he operated on feels better and has less pain than the other one! Dr. Cross will continue to be my first choice for my families orthopedic needs!